Baby’s leg

May 5th, 2015
baby legs are fabulous

baby legs are fabulous

Today I saw a mom looking for art supplies while carrying her six month old cherub in an ergonamically correct backpack.  I flashed back to when I used to do that, not so long ago.

Where does the time go?  Time crawls and then is gone so quickly. It didn’t seem to be a big deal, like I was forever going to walk my baby through an art store.  I gently reached out and touched the baby’s chubby leg and he didn’t even notice.  So many memories of love and miracle flashed back.

That little leg gave me hope.  Someday he would crawl, and then would be a toddler.  My mother in-law used to say her child rearing days were “the best days of her life” and she really loved her boys.  She was a great mom, and her strapping men are noble, with deep integrity.  I hope my sons are as good as hers.

Something about the mom reminded me of when I made CINDY in 1995. Cindy was one of my most important sculptures up to that time. Here’s the story:

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