Patience came to my house

August 26th, 2014

Mt.Shasta Lavender labryinth

I found a friend named Patience, and she comes from Texas.  I stopped by the Shasta Lavender Farm and Patience was cutting lavender, wearing a purple shirt in early summer.   There is a growing lavender industry in the Northwest, and I journeyed in Southern Oregon to see what some of the farms were doing.  The Siskiyou mountain region has similar elevation and looks much like ours in the Central Sierras.  My husband and I have considered several different business options to make the ranch viable.  One of our ideas was to grow lavender as a crop.  I introduced myself, and Patience told me her name. Virtue to virtue, Patience and Prudence, I trusted her, and  invited Patience to visit our ranch as a consultant, check out our land, to see if lavender would make a good crop for us.  She came up this weekend.

I want to build a lavender labyrinth out of lavender bushes, bring purple beauty spirit onto our property.  Patience came to our house, and  gave us practical information about lavender, explaining much of the business to us.  She is also familiar with labyrinths, and added several excellent ideas about what and where we might build one here.  As a practical and successful business person, Patience offered ideas for how I can trust my intuition to make something beautiful for my family and for our upcountry community, and my husband is willing to lend a helping hand with my project. Continue reading “Patience came to my house” »