artist’s statement


I’m in it for fun.  The new work I make tomorrow reflects the history of my failures and successes. It’s about process.

How can I make the night sky?  What would it take to capture all the colors in rocks?  How deep can I get the ocean to look?

I love working with my hands, and choose Northern California light and sky colors, to express nature. Many of my themes over the past thirty years  are animals, water and mountains, in mediums like collage, clay, paper, plastic, metal, felt, whatever. I love to put paint on interesting textures. I solve technical problems every time I make something. Hopefully, whatever it is turns out cool, but I’ve done pretty ugly stuff, too. Ask my friends.

I’ve been experimenting with Encaustic painting since 2009, also known as hot wax painting, an ancient process revived by artists in the past twenty years. It’s a mixture of heated beeswax colored pigments, and damar resin applied to a surface, which hardens once it has cooled onto the surface.  Metal tools and special brushes shape and manipulate the wax. Heat guns and other methods extend the amount of time to work with the material.

What you see is eclectic, absolutely.