Interview with a Bipolar Patient

Q. You’ve been diagnosed by doctors. What were your previous diagnoses?

As a young adult I was diagnosed with mood disorders, NOS (Not Otherwise Specified). As a mature adult, I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Bipolar.

Q. When you were younger, did you suffer from these concerns?

A.  Teachers and family tried, but thought I was going through abandonment issues, separation, and extreme depression.

QDid you know what was going on? At one point, you said you ‘heard voices.’  What did those voices sound like?

A. I am not sure how things are going. I am just starting new medication. I am afraid to take to my bed. The recent voices are caused by medication change. They are really mean and cruel voices, saying they will hurt me, or I am going to hurt.

Q. What can someone do to help people who struggle with bipolar, depression and hear voices?

A.  Just be loving and supportive, understand but do not judge me, not yelling or threatening me, calling me names.

QWhat would you recommend a friend, family member do to help someone in your situation find treatment? 

A.  People can read up on causes for these symptoms. Information helps, especially if they live with someone with these problems, they should be aware.  Hopefully the voices are not as loud. The medication helps, supports or stabilizes my mood swings. I don’t see changes yet, but I am getting proper care. It can really scare you.