October 23rd, 2018


my Earthly presence operates with unsteady willpower

should I check my bank balance or write a poem?


sunshine and no wind does not convince PGE to release the switch

we act differently without electricity


it takes an hour to boil water on the kitchen wood stove and I am glad to have it

three layers keeps me warm


lights come back and I’m grateful to not be Neanderthal

fetch every comfort to my skin


Baltic countries proudly sing about freedom unfolding

souls harmonized in a human chain and they were free


my countrymen fear lack of relevance

bikini waxes big bucks for Mickey Mouse hats and lollipops me too


soft on the inside and chewy on the outside

I check my cellphone while the world spins


today my mother would be 92 years old

she died at 77 not a bad time to go


my ten year-old Chihuahua got put down today

his soul left before he stopped breathing


why worry about online banking






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