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October 25th, 2016
adoring affection

adoring affection

My chihuahua looks at me with such much adoration that it makes me wonder what did I do to deserve such love.  I’m not the greatest master, not bad, but not one who spends endless hours petting and hugging him. We sit on the couch at night, and he unblinkingly stares at me as if I determine when the sun sets and the moon rises.  I am the center of his universe.

This little guy is my most loyal friend in the world.  He waits and adores, how to respond?  He’s thrilled when I deem him worthy of attention, and he smiles with joy. He’s a little cutie pie.  Other dogs have loved me, and I love them, but Frosty/Cubby stands alone with his loving gazes.  My husband and I have two names for him.

Frosty licks, though, and it’s a problem because I don’t like to be flick-licked.  He can’t help it, even when I tell him “no.”  He’s compulsive.  He’s desperate for my approval, and wants all of my attention.  He doesn’t seem embarrassed by his neediness.  He doesn’t seem to care where it came from, either.

I’m compulsive too. I annoy my friends and family.  I don’t lick like Frosty does, thank God, but I get on their nerves when I’m feeling needy.  I don’t need to know why I feel needy, just recognize the feeling and not judge it when it arises.

I want to not be embarrassed.  I want to try having some patience with neediness as part of my character.

I bet my Chihuahua doesn’t know how much he has taught me to better identify my feelings and not be ashamed.


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