this is a prayer for all of us who try do something with our lives

May 13th, 2014

Mr.Rogers mom told him to
look for the helpers

for us who care about seven generations of blood coursing our veins

for past insignificances that keep us up late

on cloudy nights when trees are all black and still the sky is blue

for present insecurities because we haven’t cured cancer

or kept the sun from going out

or prevented our children from growing up and moving away like we did


for us who move into the Sierras and drink from faucets without a glass

we still need to drink plenty of water and  brush our teeth

because our teeth will want brushing

centuries after our souls have left our bodies

there’s got to be a rocket into the fourth dimension


future Canadian geese outside our window blindly honk but know they are together

let’s remember our old valentines and the love we felt for them

hopefully they sleep well when we are lonely

we can imagine that people ringing bells in ancient times believed

God exists inside vibrations


the ocean knows what’s going on in its crawl

the mountains God love Fuji  Tamalpais  Shasta  Bald  and  Blue

like hiking around the top of Tam with Joeboy last December

while Freddie waited at the truck watching the sunset

daylight settled into the sea


this is a prayer for beauty  and we know there is beauty

we are light and not nonsense

good counts as strength and will  last

thanks for energy that makes me go

the coupling that created my breath

from passion so long ago

One response to “this is a prayer for all of us who try do something with our lives”

  1. Bonnie says:

    I love this poem Pru! Glad to have finally gotten to read what you have shared and view your art. (You know i love your art!) Go gnomes!

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