December 19th, 2018

going from up to down

I joined the parachute team in college and prepared for competition.  Southern Oregon College had a few interested students who signed on back then.  We learned to drop and roll, hanging from a harness in our college gym.  I made two jumps and they were orgasmic in their challenge and adventure, but my aim at a given target was poor.  I never hit my mark.  The sport wasn’t for me and I quit after a couple of months.

Memories of the jumping days came to mind recently when I thought about what it means to be a spiritual person.  The instant high from my jumps out of an airplane immediately diminishes because the fall continues until I hit the ground and it was over.  I went from up to down.

These days my life is the opposite.  Having gone from down, I’m working on facing my problems, telling the truth about my past and the positive energy I get from living in the present takes me up. I’m relying on more than myself because I trust the Universe to unfold, and I am part of the solution.


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