behaving like an adult

August 16th, 2016

first crop 2015

Last night I dreamt I was in a rehab, no particular type.  I’m sitting in a straight back chair with a binder full of notes on my lap, deciding what to keep and toss.  A surfer type of middle-age man enters the room, complaining how he struggles with his girlfriend, how their relationship is different because he is in rehab.

I said, “Since you’ve made your statement in a public place, I feel ok giving my opinion.  It seems to me you need to change your behavior in order to change your thinking.”

Then I woke up.

There’s a message.  What a great reminder about changing my behavior.  I’ve been feeling sorry for myself lately, with the high class problem: how to sell 163 dried lavender bouquets from 2016 harvest.

Poor me.  I was thrilled to visualize the lavender labyrinth idea two years ago.  I overbought lavender plugs and we planted 700 cigar size plants.  We hired a landscape designer to make the maze and set up the irrigation system.  My husband maintains the plants and does a super job keeping them alive and thriving.  I spent 40 hours weeding the labyrinth in the spring.  We had a bumper crop of Xintermedia Grosso.  I harvested, dried and safely tucked away plastic boxes in our root cellar.  Poor me.  What now?

I don’t like the marketing part of our tiny business.  I’ve been making Victorian wands from fresh lavender, sachets and drier bags, soap, driven around to local garden centers, places with gift and bath products.  Small as we are, there is no way to compete with major companies who import fifty-gallon drums of lavender from France.  I didn’t expect to compete with France, but I hadn’t foreseen that my negative marketing attitude would be so bad.

It was suggested that I ask the cosmic energy for guidance.  Start with my dream.  I know I had the dream, “change my behavior.”  I can trust my dream and take advice from it.

I will quit my whining, and keep making the dried lavender products.  I will trust people will want what I make.  I opened up an Etsy store (along with 700 other lavender growers from around the world).  I need to be patient and see what happens.  Here goes.  What me behave like I have trust.


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