blessed life

September 15th, 2015
site of magic

site of magic

Sometimes the unexpected makes this life worth living.  Butte fire evacuation was lifted in our area yesterday, so I returned with three dogs and stuff I think I need.  Our house still stands.  Considering one third of our entire county evacuated and hundreds of homes were burnt, we are fortunate to return to what looks like a messy normalcy.  A few plants died, sad for them, but really…

I stood still, filling water from the house spigot to the outside dog dish, thinking about other people’s trauma.  A green irridescent hummingbird flies directly underneath me, and drinks from the flowing spigot for about thirty seconds.  His vigorous beating wings kept him stable as I watched his tiny beak dip repeatedly into the stream, regardless of whether I was there.  He was thirsty.

How can I express such beauty and magic?  The life spirit vibrated with both of us, tiny bird flying beside crystal water.  Momentary glisten of precious wings before me.


3 responses to “blessed life”

  1. Tami from way back says:

    So glad to read that the fire had missed your little piece of heaven… hummers are heavenly, too… your Haiku speaks volumes. Stay well.

  2. Carol says:

    Pru, you gave Mac and I great comfort during the trying days of the fire. We thank you, dear lady.

    • Pru Starr says:

      Thank you for keeping in touch with me during that terrifying week! So many have lost, and, like you, I’m grateful to still have a home.

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