choice yea or nae

April 10th, 2018


Last night’s weird dream about teaching kids I didn’t know in an unfamiliar class and an unfriendly place left me feeling frustrated.  I kept on trying to teach, asking students questions and trying to interact with them, despite the hard environment and oblivious adults wandering around, putting things on walls.  I couldn’t find a chalkboard or anything to write upon.  I wanted to keep going, but felt thwarted by others.  My mind said that I was a good teacher in spite of the situation.

I don’t have any more energy for negativity, and don’t want to work in a world with ugliness anymore.

Maybe the dream message is to keep going, despite strangers who try and stop me by their disrespect.  I choose not to let negative energy get to me, and accept bad feelings for what they are.  Bummer.

This applies to politics and negative behavior of public officials.  My local world doesn’t have to constantly focus on ‘breaking news.’   How tiresome and adrenaline starving to live with daily meanness and lying over and over.

After I woke up from the dream, I lay quietly, trying to name the emotion.  Bless everyone in the world.  I can work with my own actions to change old behaviors, and keep light shining in my spirit.

There were years and years when I simply woke up and did my day without thinking about positive energy or my good energy.   Being positive matters to me more every day.

In my opinion, sending positive thoughts like prayer into the cosmos makes a difference.  If millions of people want to stop positive thinking or don’t pray, it’s their choice.  I want the world to have my goodness.

So I bought starter flowers and put them in the ground.  I will water them every day, and remember that the dream got me to the nursery.  Good thing.

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