dream work

July 28th, 2015

carved marble maze hallway

I just woke up from a dream where I became lost and remained lost.  I call it Trying to find my group. In this dream, I left Avalon accidentally, and got deeper into a maze of trying to return to Avalon.  I woke up before I found the dock which would take me back.  I still feel anxious, like I should continue to strive.  It always helps to write down the dream and let it go.

I was with other people on Avalon, and somehow got separated.  I thought I was east of Avalon. Crowds of strangers spoke English, and there were many islands with interconnecting ferries.  I found myself in various herds, following a random person who said they would help me, like the lady with the thick green eyeliner.  But I lose each person trying to help me.

Biggest drama was wandering inside a carved marble series of random hallway with closed doors.  I open one door into a child’s room, and another was a room with a parade of people dressed like the carvings on the marble doors.

I’m wearing socks with no shoes, and at one point I’m walking down a wide snow-covered ramp laced with shards of broken glass, thinking, ‘this glass is so dangerous!’ while I’m still looking for the ferry dock back to Avalon.  So the main memories of these events remain.

If I unpack the dream images, I find episodes of my activities play out.  Other dream analysts I have studied suggest titling the main action of each dream, for easy reference in recording dream patterns.  Many of my images are moments in my waking life. I’m not so sure there’s any symbolism involved with them.  But I don’t recall any marble hallways, where did that come from?  I don’t know.

•My son and I recently took a ferry to Catalina Island, and we spent the day walking around the tiny city of Avalon.

•Just before I went to bed, I finished watching an English mystery show on television, which setting took place at the ocean.

My dreams are frequently loaded with anxiety.   This dream feels like another version of my teacher dream, where I’m trying to get to my classroom, but can’t find it. I’m letting go of this dream as another one of the anxiety pattern.  I’m grateful to have dream analysis as one tool, for understand my deeper subconsciousness, regardless of its importance.

This morning I’m walking six miles, and will pray to let go of anxiety, so I can move forward with my waking life.







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