Patience came to my house

August 26th, 2014

Mt.Shasta Lavender labryinth

I found a friend named Patience, and she comes from Texas.  I stopped by the Shasta Lavender Farm and Patience was cutting lavender, wearing a purple shirt in early summer.   There is a growing lavender industry in the Northwest, and I journeyed in Southern Oregon to see what some of the farms were doing.  The Siskiyou mountain region has similar elevation and looks much like ours in the Central Sierras.  My husband and I have considered several different business options to make the ranch viable.  One of our ideas was to grow lavender as a crop.  I introduced myself, and Patience told me her name. Virtue to virtue, Patience and Prudence, I trusted her, and  invited Patience to visit our ranch as a consultant, check out our land, to see if lavender would make a good crop for us.  She came up this weekend.

I want to build a lavender labyrinth out of lavender bushes, bring purple beauty spirit onto our property.  Patience came to our house, and  gave us practical information about lavender, explaining much of the business to us.  She is also familiar with labyrinths, and added several excellent ideas about what and where we might build one here.  As a practical and successful business person, Patience offered ideas for how I can trust my intuition to make something beautiful for my family and for our upcountry community, and my husband is willing to lend a helping hand with my project.

I have struggled to be a patient person, and it’s becoming especially important to investigate emotions that rile me up to the point of discontent.  When I learned her name, intuition told me Patience would help me along on my journey of self-exploration.  One of her suggestions was that I invite my Miwuk neighbors to come over and bless our land with us, since their ancestors have evidence of being here for hundreds of years.  Patience was with me when I asked my neighbors if they would consider coming to the property in the near future, to say prayers with my family, to make this lavender labyrinth a more blessed space.  Both neighbors agreed they would come over, and I feel even more like this project is important.

Our tiny town is currently in a depressed economy with unemployed people hanging around downtown with nothing to do, the sad energy of people with little hope.  Labyrinths are beautiful, and we deserve beauty here.  Maybe changing the energy by building a beautiful living sculpture will enhance the spirit of the rest of my neighbors who live around us.

The second  night she was here, I decided to go forward on the labyrinth project, I had two dreams.  My first dream was about my grandfather, and he was agitated about things changing in his spiritual world.  My anxiety dream was trying to ‘explain’ myself to him.  I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote that dream down.  My second dream came after I returned to bed.  I dreamt about hearing the news that a close neighbor had drowned (which hadn’t really happened), and people around me didn’t really care.  I was so sad and dismayed at the callousness of my other neighbors I felt like crying in the dream, and I rarely cry in waking life.

The morning Patience left and went back to Mt. Shasta City, we discussed our dreams.  She suggested that Grandpa’s anxiety dream came from wanting to please or explain things to others.  My grandpa was the most Christian man I ever knew, and he loved living things.  He modeled faith and love for me as a child, and in my interpretation, he represented spiritual change.

Patience suggested that the neighbor’s ‘death’ dream is a metaphor for my personal change, and I agree.  I need to pay attention, my intentions to create beauty in a sadly beautiful location are to improve spirit energy in my community.  I need to focus on what I think is right, and go for the creation.  Patience drove away.  My husband and I are more together on a new lavender learning curve,  with more willingness to demonstrate spiritual love for our earth, using what resources we can provide to improve things.

I followed my heart, and reaching out to a woman named Patience brought strength and more certainty to my family.


4 responses to “Patience came to my house”

  1. maryann gravitt says:

    all good, pru. all about growing and learning. what more can we hope for? life is fulll of choices and chances. just go for what feels right for you.

  2. Suzie says:

    Virtue to virtue, Patience and Prudence, I trusted her, and invited Patience to visit our ranch as a consultant, check out our land, to see if lavender would make a good crop for us. She came up this weekend.

    I just love this about you, Pru!!

  3. Sandy says:

    You are fortunate in beginning to know what is needed and what YOU need. Lavender and quiet time go together. Be at peace.

  4. Rose says:

    There is no accident that this woman’s name is Patience. How great that you are opening yourself up to pay attention to/hear what is meant to be seen/heard. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

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