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January 23rd, 2018

shape of my lavender labyrinth

Let’s focus on the positive.  This is our special time to be spiritual beings having a human experience, and nobody gets away with ‘happy, happy, joy, joy’ all the time.  We can be grateful we even get a piece of good times, considering the human race’s story.

Since I’m a naturalized citizen since infancy, I can’t be president, but I can drive my car wherever I want.  It would be fabulous if my vehicles were fuel renewable, and they may be someday, but not today.  I’m an fuel consumer, and try to find cars that don’t guzzle in gross overdo.  I love to drive, and will want to check out when the time comes and my family takes away my keys, but that hasn’t happened yet.

I love being able to call Tech Support people who willingly spend three hours on the phone with me to help me figure out ICloud issues.  It’s cool to actually get my own tutorial and learn from a good teacher who works in North Carolina and doesn’t mind talking with me, and helping me when I stumble.

I’m grateful that even though my nineteen year-old cat had to have BOTH of his ears amputated last month, he has a professional Vet who kisses him at the end of his exams, and told me he was so happy that I did have them removed. Ok,  I paid a ton of dough to have the operations, and prolong my old cat’s life, but my cat is so strong I would have mortgaged my house to pay for those operations to make his last days comfortable.  I also learned NOT to watch YouTube ear amputation videos that upset me. Yes, I learned what would happen during the procedure, but since I wasn’t there, my sense of powerlessness became grander than necessary.  I learned to go for love.

Go for love, that’s what works.  Pick up trash, look a stranger in the eye and nod hello.  How hard is that?  We don’t have to imitate our government officials, and we can ‘take the high road,’ by choosing to look at the light instead of focusing on black holes.

Scientists tell us that black holes have much to teach us, but for me, I don’t want to go down one.  I’m probably going to be off this planet by the time people figure out what’s going on with them, anyway.  Since astronomy isn’t my field, I have to rely on the passionate scientists smart enough to figure out the secret of the Universe.

I’ll wheel my blue wheelbarrow downhill to my lavender labyrinth and prune for days and days.  If my lavender harvest thrives from my efforts, then I’ll have more summer work harvesting and making lavender wands, grateful that the fabulous plant came into my life because I fell in love with it.  People can use the soap I make and be glad the Central Sierra foothills can grow such beauty.

Johnny Mercer’s Accent the positive is a great way to go, and it’s a choice for me to consider everyday.  Why not go with Grace?

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