Changing locations

February 10th, 2015
Craig,  Alaska from Sunnahae Mountain

Craig, Alaska from Sunnahae Mountain

Here’s a little tale from my past:

I didn’t quit my job, just took a leave of absence, in case I hated the fifteen feet of rain that falls annually in Craig, Alaska.  I bought Tim’s new Honda Civic because he was too cheap to give it to me, and parked it at my mother’s for a month while I took a vacation in Baja, Mexico, with a friend in her small RV.  We drove through south and central Mexico, to Guymas, and I had a fling with a charming Argentine-Italian from Cupertino with a sexy voice who was also a teacher.  We sat under dried palm fronds during the day, played in Mulege’s phosphorescent water at night and drank tequilla, which still flattened my ass.   One night we watched the grunion run, incredible army of silver fish swimming to the shore. Continue reading “Changing locations” »

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