Guided Imagery changed my orbit

May 20th, 2014
Mooka knew how to let his imagination bloom

Mooka knew how to let his imagination bloom

My nurse friend sent me a link to a nursing journal article about Guided Imagery used as a valid nursing tool.  I’m responding to this topic from a liberal arts point of view. I have healed from Guided Imagery experiences and happily share them with you, in hopes you will find them useful.

Theatre was a wonderful major in college, and I had a blast in those classes. So many opportunities to grow and develop various skills, writing, performing, directing, designing and constructing stage sets, working in the team spirit to accomplish deadlines. In my opinion, Liberal Arts majors like those of us in Theatre, can respect what we learned in our classes. For instance, in basic theatre classes, we learned to relax and concentrate with visualization exercises, and it was there I first learned about Guided Imagery.

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