Blueberries for Carol, Sandy and Pru

July 29th, 2014

blueberriesYipee! My first blueberry picking invitation! Carol and Sandy invited me, and picked me up early in the next morning.  We drove up Lily Gap road ten miles to Mills You-Pick Blueberry Farm outside of West Point, California, acres of blueberries, with hundreds of bushes, all types and sizes.  Three dollars per pound for you-pick, about half the cost in a store these days.  The area is netted over the hundreds of bushes, so birds don’t win the picking game.  The sun wasn’t up yet, so it was still cool.

Sandy pulled her car up to a nearby little trailer used for headquarters, and I watched a skunk scurry out from the bushes, and run under the fence into the woods.  Mr.Mills came over on his all terrain vehicle to greet us and get us going.  One gallon milk jugs cut open at the top hung from a tree, for use as collecting buckets.  My friends had brought their own containers, but I only brought plastic bags, so I tried his milk jug method, very easy. Continue reading “Blueberries for Carol, Sandy and Pru” »