the horror

June 26th, 2018


families won’t repair



•I am ashamed of my country

  • are we a Christian nation?
  • would Jesus agree with separation?
  • 11,000 not 1200 split apart
  • got yours? where’s theirs?


  • taxpayers allow baby separation
  • sign and forget about children
  • a jacket’s just a jacket a kid is just a kid


  • Humanity starts with parent and child


  • stopping isn’t fixing
  • how’s life in an abandoned Walmart?
  • who cares about your children?
  • a child is lost and disposable


  • break a heart buy a gun
  • kids inherit hatred
  • kill roots create hate


  • our children are broken
  • try being alone when you’re two
  • how does righteous feel when you’re two?
  • they didn’t ask to be split
  • what’s the reuniting plan?
  • what plan?  reunite a law?
  • money rules truth
  • evil separates families

•where’s hope when you are without your parents?

  • an abandoned child is not a prisoner
  • useless sacrifice for the lost babies
  • independent at six months old


  • separating children is not reality TV
  • so this is what it means to love your enemies
  • get a plan to not make abandonment worse
  • children aren’t the problem
  • cruel begets cruel
  • we vote and break families
  • justify abandonment
  • families are the real thing not bipartisan politics
  • separation is not right



One response to “the horror”

  1. Phoebe Grigg says:

    Those are certainly the thoughts that are inhabiting my brain these days. Thanks for writing this!

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