January 24th, 2017

prayers for us all

fitting new faith on top of my old




animal paddocks were built six owners ago

which Silas demolished cedar plank by tin roof piece

four rebar hay holders still rust on the ground


let’s make them into a prayer wheel

vertical like merry go rounds we rode as kids

Michael drives iron deep into moist earth

mounts the four on a bering two feet off the ground


it spins the day before Trump’s inauguration

as I sing Steve Miller’s ‘time keeps on spinning, spinning, spinning into the future

prayers fly like a hopeful eagle


we need prayers

trust I believe it


past revolutions in today’s prayer

Steve’s band played at my freshman homecoming

when the world was more liberal


three days of snowmelt on Bald Mountain Road

blue cloudy wet and grace

prayer future in the middle of nowhere



One response to “trust”

  1. Charleen Tyson says:

    Maybe some little flags on it???

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