Behaving like an adult

September 5th, 2017


love lavender

I dreamt I was in a rehab, no particular type.  I sat in a chair with a binder full of notes, going through what to keep and toss.  A surfer type of young man entered the room, complaining how he struggled with his girlfriend, how their relationship was different because he was in rehab.

I said, “Since you’ve made your statement in a public place, I feel ok with giving my opinion.  It seems to me that you need to change your behavior in order to change your thinking.”

Then I woke up.

What a great reminder about changing my behavior.  It doesn’t take genius to recognize themes such as accepting responsibility and trusting myself to make adult decisions.  I’ve been feeling sorry for myself, with a high class problem: how to sell 220 dried lavender bouquets from 2017 harvest.

Three years ago my husband and I hired a landscape designer to set up irrigation and build a lavender labyrinth and two other lavender locations on our ranch.  My husband does a super job maintaining the plants.  I weeded in early spring, harvested in July, drying bouquets in our shed.  Bouquets of Xtermedia Grosso are safely stored in the root cellar.

I don’t enjoy marketing.  The mission is to use up the bouquets and call it a day.  I’ve made sachets, dryer bags, Victorian wands from fresh lavender, and goat milk soap.  Thankfully, my son developed a flyer showing wholesale products, so I don’t have to talk about sales.  I drove around local garden centers, gifts stores. peddling lavender.

It was suggested that I ask for guidance from cosmic energy.  Start with the dream telling me to show up and act like an adult.  I did have a dream which said, “change my behavior,” so I better set my mind to it.

Why not tackle what’s in front of me? The lavender is a gift.  I can stay out of my way and let my life carry forth dreams.  Bringing beauty forward is worthy of respect.


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