calming down

July 17th, 2018


love calms us down

Try sleeping after a phone call in the middle of the night, no matter the type of call.  How to return to sleep?

Obviously, writing is one way I release adrenaline that comes from such disturbance, which is why this is a blog.

Try lying in bed and calming down the mind with a chanting prayer.  Help, thank you.  Help, thank you. Thank God things are ok.  Grateful for good things.

Try music, repetitive lines like the Beatles’ Let it Be.  It works for Paul McCartney.  He discusses the origins of the song came because he had a dream about his mother, who spoke reassurances to him.

Try remembering kindness, my mother sitting on my bed as a child while I tried to sleep, sweeping her warm palm, soothing my forehead.  That is a calm I can work with right now, remembering how much my sober mother loved me and gave me her spirit.  She was a caring mother most of the time, her loving touch, I soothe myself with my hand and think of her.  Good to remember.

Remember Julie Andrews singing My favorite things, go with beautiful raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

Try meditation.  There are so many types of meditation.  Mindful meditation is not what I want right now.  I want to calm down and go back to sleep.  Prayerful meditation chanting might get me there.

Bless my family, change me.  Bless my family, change me.  Change the stress and restlessness of all the garbage going on in the world.  Please.

Flow doesn’t always flow the way I expect it to flow.  It might even be unrealistic to expect I can get back to sleep. Let go of the outcome may or may not work.

It’s easy to rev up and activate more stress in this situation,  not a good solution.  I have learned calmling tools, such as visualization, thinking of a calm quiet color, blue blue blue.

Back to bed to try some more return to zzzzz.  Don’t give up because sleep is worth it.

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