hardware store for bread

July 24th, 2018

we can’t buy bread at a hardware store

Ever heard the saying “it’s like going to the hardware store for bread?”  My interpretation of that is recognizing that some relationships are simply not available for us.

There have been countless times where I want someone to understand and they either can’t or won’t listen.  It’s not necessary to focus on what I’m not getting, but healthier to recognize a situation for what it is, regardless of whether or not I like it, and move on.

I remember feeling toxic shame for days because I wanted others to see me, and for whatever reason, they could not understand why I felt the way I did.  Nothing was going to change except for how I chose to handle a situation.

The other slogan that helps is ‘not judging my insides by other people’s outsides,’ which has been my confusion.  I have reached out and been rejected, and in the past, I would have blamed myself for the other person’s rejection.  NOT ANYMORE.  I don’t know for sure why another person does what they do.  All I can manage is myself and my emotions.

These days I have a tool that allows me to see a situation for what it is and accept the truth.  I can observe my behavior and make healthy mental choices that increase happiness instead of going in the ego toxic rejection, pouting about it, and generally feeling like a victim of life.

That’s where I used to go, but no longer.  I don’t go to the hardware store for bread.  My heart and intuition help feed me.

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