eggs to flight

July 19th, 2016

in less than a month they fly away

My twenty four year-old son sent me a text photograph with a nest full of robin’s eggs. Then he sent a shot of the hatched robins in their nest.  Ten days later, he watched the birds fly away.  He watched the last bird fall from the nest and fly away, and observed that the nest was truly empty.

What a short time from egg to flight.  My son reflected on the miracle of those birds, and last night we talked on the phone about the meaning of life.  I think it’s important to discuss life’s meaning when we are in our twenties.  I do remember having character building talks like that with people.

What is life all about?

My son and I talked about faith and what God means, and the choices we have.  Each belief has consequences.  He isn’t sure about what he believes.  I shared what I believe and told him that he could be sure that I believe it, if that was useful.

I believe faith is a doorway.  The pain of losses in my life helped me choose to trust love despite the losses.  Although I grew up in a dysfunctional home, I felt no trust, but there was love.  But growing up, I also observed happy people around me, like my grandfather, who had faith and trust in goodness, regardless of whether or not others believed it.  I want to be happy like my grandfather.

My son is choosing what makes him happy.  He knows what he doesn’t want, which is often our first step to knowing ourselves.  He knows that he loves watching eggs turn into birds and he feels loss when robins fly away.

I felt honored that he wanted to show me the eggs and baby robins in their nest.  I feel closer because he was intimate with me.  It is, “into me you see.”

I want to feel closer to other people, instead of feeling isolated distrust.

It seems like we all go from eggs to flight on this planet.

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