June 10th, 2014

father and daughterOur country does not celebrate the real men who do their duty for the world. I want this father’s day to honor the men who do the right things, who love and keep their word. I want the men who are real fathers to know how much their integrity matters in this world. It goes beyond a single day of recognition, but changes people’s lives for the good.

Hallmark holidays have never meant much to me, even when my father was alive.  In fourth grade I gave my father a box of chocolate and he wrote me a thank you card from the sanitarium, where he was trying to detox from alcohol. I made him colorful little mosaic pieces that he had on his desk for years. When I felt like giving, I knew how to give respect to my father. He had a disease that killed him, and he also had a spirit- light that few others have on this planet. I loved him even though he was unpredictable. Continue reading “Fathers” »