I’m trying to be kind

April 7th, 2015

it comes down to communication

I’m trying to be kind, and it’s not easy.  I don’t think I’m an egomaniac who always wants things to go her way, but my family members have seen me like that.  They complain when I bring up stuff they don’t want to discuss, like what needs to be done, or when I mention problems they don’t want to solve.  I really annoy them.  My irritating habits of saying things they don’t want to hear seems a personal defect.

I’m trying to be kind.  That starts by listening more closely to what people complain about, and not judging every behavior by what I expect.  I’m working to keep my mouth shut when it’s not my business, but that’s almost impossible.

Since I consider myself a Christian, I try to strip down to the core, and practice tolerance.  I love people.  I act polite to strangers, don’t steal or try to get something for nothing.  I practice the golden rule as my creed.  I wish I really believed it.  But I try and act like I believe it. Continue reading “I’m trying to be kind” »