Miracles large and small

August 5th, 2014

Sergio Lennon contemplates life

My high school friend recently witnessed the birth of her grandson.  I can only imagine watching such a miracle, to watch life enter this world.  She felt miraculous inspiration, to see an extension of herself, brand new, come through her daughter.

My oldest son turns thirty in a few days, which seems like a landmark age, for him and for me.  I was thirty-two when he was born, but it seems like yesterday.  I wanted him to live, and when they cut his cord, I said something like, “He’s his own man now.” Corny, but true. My son is his own man now, turning thirty in one week.  The twenties are done for him, here comes his next decade.  Of course, the same goes for me in the decades I’ve been around, but witnessing other people growing up and old seems more miraculous.  Hopefully, we both stack up memories through the development of our lives.  Continue reading “Miracles large and small” »

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