Easing My Sense Of Absence

June 3rd, 2014
my friend

my best friend as a child

My hairdresser recently asked me why I made a website. I told her I started it to promote my first manuscript. The blog thing sort of happened as an offshoot. But the story began when my brain caught fire. I wrote a book to explain what went down as I grew up.

In 1968,  my family suffered loss, with death and alcoholism. I was a lost girl, pretending to be ‘normal’ in the world.  That same year, my best girlfriend attacked her mom with scissors. Her family placed her in a crisis unit, and she never got out. She has been institutionalized her entire life.  No one really understood what happened, but people thought I ought to know, since I was her best friend around the time of her violent outburst.  I felt like I should know why she became a ‘paranoid schizophrenic.’ I didn’t know why illnesses get people like they do.  Continue reading “Easing My Sense Of Absence” »