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April 24th, 2018

risk or fun?

Another dream came my way last night: I was traveling in Czechoslovakia and discovered that my bag wasn’t what I thought it was.  I was using my first backpack that traveled with me to Europe during the 1970’s, and yet my adult son’s stuff was inside it, containing half read books, socks, not my stuff.

First, I felt confusion, and then total surrender.  I remember thinking, ‘I don’t have anything and I’m going to be fine.’  Then I woke up.

I did have a lost luggage experience long ago when I was young, and at that time I cried because I didn’t have ‘my stuff.’  However, not having anything taught me that I will survive.  This recent dream contained serenity, fully accepting that I’m not in charge, even though I don’t like what’s going on.  ‘Face fear to erase fear.’

Maybe waking life plays out in this dream.  My youngest son is embarking upon his ‘grand tour’ of Europe, traveling alone for three months.  He wasn’t the son from my recent dream, but he is traveling alone, and I have some concerns even though I know that he will have a blast.  Life’s about risk, and I’m not manager of the universe.

The older son is going in a different life direction, changed course from what he thought he’d be doing in his early thirties.  Switching a midstream career path takes perseverance to go into risking the unknown.

As for the Czechoslovakia part of my dream, I’m going to the Baltic Sea region in September, not far from Czechoslovakia.  Maybe my psyche is getting ready for the trip.

Dreams reflect so many symbolic aspects of my life in the form of stories.  Very personal details inside the images are thought provoking and change my thinking.   Is my waking life is my true dream life, or is it the other way around?


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