sound therapy

October 24th, 2017

everything vibrates

‘Sound healing’ is a practical type of therapy with information available to us online.  Years ago, I attended a workshop, and I believe it helped me heal some deeply painful emotions.  Continue reading “sound therapy” »

living through fire

October 17th, 2017

nightmare on the horizon

Yes, the Coffey Park fire, known as the Tubbs Fire continues burning after a week, and is half-way contained. My brother-in–law and his wife survived the fire because a neighbor called, giving them ten minutes.  Evacuating their neighborhood subdivision took over an hour, and another hour to get to a two-lane road headed west. There were so many cars and only one road. Trees were smashing around them, and blocking other exits.   There was no emergency infrastructure.  They spent the rest of the night in a parking lot miles away, glad to be alive.

“It’s purification,” he told me on the phone two days ago, the first time we talked.  It’s all gone, and he’s well aware his life is forever changed.  Starting over as a senior…..

I was impressed by his positive attitude, grateful to his neighbor for calling to tell him to evacuate.  If he hadn’t called, it would have been too late to leave.  Thank you for caring enough to save lives!

Having been evacuated before, I understand ‘get out,’ and leaving stuff, when it comes to life and death.  No question, lives matter more.  Fear mixes with smoke.  There nothing to describe racing away from home with the possibility your home will never be there again.  What’s in the unknown?

My husband and I didn’t lose everything in the Butte Fire two years ago.  However, it doesn’t take long to forget how lucky we are to survive a horrific fire like that.  A second fire in West Point occurred three days ago, burning 250 acres in the downtown area. Four homes were lost.  CALFIRE notified with a ‘robocall,’ if you signed up for notification.  Too bad for you if you didn’t sign up.  It happened really fast.  The firefighters won that time.

If the wind hadn’t changed direction, we’d be toast for sure.  We were spared. So lucky, again. Deja Vu.

What can we do to help?  A friend of mine and her friend took positive action, and started californiafirehelp.com.  Artists and designers are donating items and 100% of the proceeds got to help California fire victims.

Rebuilding efforts will take years, so thousands of people are reconsidering their life priorities.  Do they want to return to a neighborhood after fire’s toxic waste is removed?  Cleanup’s a major job.  Meanwhile changes won’t happen overnight.  Fire is everlasting.

My home stands today, my brother in-laws does not.  We will never know why.  Random winds change so many lives.  California still burns, and we learn to cope.





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elegy of a blackberry

September 25th, 2017

a red blackberry is green

West Point is a small hamlet in the central Sierra mountain range.  Scout Kit Carson was said to have named the place because it’s the most western portion of two forks of the Mokelumne river, the watershed for Contra Costa County in the east bay area. Continue reading “elegy of a blackberry” »

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Wendy woke up dreaming

August 29th, 2017

Wendy Wall wrote and sang I Woke Up Dreaming, describing dream connections to waking life. Her song lyrics melody respect dreams as another aspect of our waking reality. Continue reading “Wendy woke up dreaming” »

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natural sight

August 8th, 2017

the purple hour

Light and dark are associated with good and evil, happy and sad, joy and despair, purity and pollution.  Clear day, dark and stormy night have billions of tints and shades along the spectrum. Continue reading “natural sight” »

who judges perspectives?

July 11th, 2017

creativity is not editing

After my junior year of college, I left Southern Oregon College, now Southern Oregon University, and transferred to the University of Oregon in Eugene for a larger college experience . Continue reading “who judges perspectives?” »

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artist or no?

July 4th, 2017

I’m here and want to live

Why do writers write?  Because it isn’t there,” said novelist Thomas Berger last century.  I haven’t invented anything new, but have spent my life combining what others have created to form my own style. Continue reading “artist or no?” »

Love Anniversary

June 6th, 2017

Come on People now…

My grandfather was a 9th generation American, and was in his eighties when he wrote a letter to the 11th generation, welcoming us to the family. Continue reading “Love Anniversary” »

the coolest

February 28th, 2017



the happy spaceman

My dad brought home a record player with one speaker designed like a plastic jukebox and looked like a fabulous little space man.  When I plugged it in next to the couch, its silver plastic chrome lit up bright red. Continue reading “the coolest” »


January 24th, 2017

prayers for us all

fitting new faith on top of my old Continue reading “trust” »

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